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Faculty Documents
On this tab you will find various documents including the "Where do I start?' and "I have a placement - what now?" books which are vital to your internship preparation. This section also contains other important and helpful information to assist with your internship preparation and first day at work.

On the forms tab you will find the Preparation Checklist and Agreement, Internship Placement Form and Placement WHS Induction form. The Checklist form will step you through your preparation for internship.  Remember, when you add a form DO NOT select the WIL Preparation cohort but the teaching term in which you are enrolled e.g Term 1

Once you have secured a placement you must complete the Placement form. You should be enrolled in the internship unit(s) so ADD the form and select the cohort for which you are enrolled. Again, do not select WIL Preparation but the teaching term cohort in which you are enrolled. Adding a form to the WIL Prep cohort will delay in your form being processed.

The information requested on the Placement Form is required so that we can accurately assess the suitability of your placement. It is your responsibility to complete this form and forward it to your workplace supervisor for completion well before your proposed start date. NB Send the form to your workplace supervisor - not the WIL office or your Unit Assessor.

You and your workplace supervisor will be notified by email once the placement is approved. You are unable to commence your placement until you have been advised that the by email from the WIL Office that your placement has been approved. You will also be able to see when your supervisor has completed the form as the page will show pages 2 of 2 lodged.

On the placements tab you will find details of the various opportunities you may apply for. I suggest that you use the filter at the top of the page. DO NOT click on the + to select a placement. Make a manual list of those organisations you wish to contact.

2024 Internship dates

Term start
Earliest start
Latest start
SE due week 7 – ideally by
Grades published
Part A
4 March
26 February
8 March
12 April
24 April
Part B
29 April
22 April
3 May
7 June
19 June
Part A
1 July
24 June
5 July
9 August
21 August
Part B
26 August
19 August
30 August
4 October
16 October
Part A
28 October
21 October
1 November
6 December
18 December

Student Responsibility
While undertaking your placement there are a few requirements.

Act professionally. 
You are expected to act in a professional manner at all times and must abide by the organisations rules in regards to general behaviour, dress regulations, meal breaks, punctuality and agreed work hours. During your internship you are an ambassador for the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts.

Be present and punctual.
Should you be unable to attend work notify your supervisor as soon as possible. Absence due to illness must be supported by a doctor's certificate and time lost should be made up. 

Communicate It is your responsibility to advise your Unit Assessor of any change of circumstance during the placement. If you do not fulfil the conditions of the placement to the satisfaction of your employer or the Unit Assessor, you may fail the relevant units

Privacy Collection Notice

Southern Cross University requires this information to arrange and facilitate your student placement or other professional experience activity, and for related statistical and reporting purposes. This may include disclosing personal or health information that is reasonably required to relevant third parties including placement providers, regulatory bodies or government departments. You may not be able to participate in placement/professional experience activities if you do not provide the information requested.


We will treat your information confidentially and will not disclose it, other than in accordance with this notice, without your consent unless we are permitted or required to do so by law.


The University uses ‘Sonia’ student placement software to managing student placements and other professional experience opportunities. Information on how ‘Sonia’ handles personal information can be found here.


For more information on how the information will be used and disclosed, or to access and update your personal information, please contact your placement supervisor or Professional Experience Unit. For information on how the University collects, stores, uses and discloses personal information see the University’s Privacy Management Plan or contact the Privacy Officer at privacy@scu.edu.au