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Welcome to the Faculty of Education, Professional Experience Centre placement site SONIA

The SONIA student placement system provides Preservice Teachers, University Advisors, Schools and Centres electronic access to:

  • Placement documentation regarding professional experience placements
  • School/centre placement site details
  • Complete online placement forms and reports
  • Check personal details including mandatory checks
  • Upload Documents 

Students please continue to check Professional Experience Student Centre for announcements and additional information related to professional experience.


                                                                                                                                                                                  No current valid WWCC/Blue Card = No Professional Experience

As per Preservice Teacher Agreement, students may expect to travel up to 90 minutes/90 kilometres to and from a professional experience placement, from your registered address on SONIA regardless of transport arrangements


PEC Gold Coast


 (Gold Coast / Online students)

Alison Adams (07) 5589 3126

Renee Hogben (07) 5589 3491


PEC Lismore


(Lismore/Online students)

Judy de Vries (02) 6626 9320

Team Leader Sandra Kenny

(02) 6620 3295



PEC Coffs Harbour


(Coffs Harbour /Online students)

Jenny Barron (02) 6659 3657



PEC Administration


 Tiffany Cutter (07) 5589 3508


Mentor Pay Claims


 Karen Moore (07) 5589 3329


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Privacy Collection Notice
Southern Cross University requires this information to arrange and facilitate your student placement or other professional experience activity, and for related statistical and reporting purposes. This may include disclosing personal or health information that is reasonably required to relevant third parties including placement providers, regulatory bodies or government departments. You may not be able to participate in placement/professional experience activities if you do not provide the information requested. 
We will treat your information confidentially and will not disclose it, other than in accordance with this notice, without your consent unless we are permitted or required to do so by law.
The University uses ‘Sonia’ student placement software to managing student placements and other professional experience opportunities. Information on how ‘Sonia’ handles personal information can be found here.
For more information on how the information will be used and disclosed, or to access and update your personal information, please contact your placement supervisor or Professional Experience Unit. For information on how the University collects, stores, uses and discloses personal information see the University’s Privacy Management Plan or contact the Privacy Officer at